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Moving to Norman, Arkansas, is the start of a new adventure. Not only are you moving into a welcoming community, you have nature at your doorstep. The Caddo River and stunning Oauchita Mountains create a hidden paradise in this little corner of Arkansas.


Entergy Arkansas services Norman, Arkansas, and the surrounding areas. 

Natural Gas

Summit Utilities recently purchased Centerpoint Energy Natural Gas services in this area. While you might see Centerpoint equipment you will need to contact Summit for service.

US Post Office

Set up mail delivery or get a PO Box at 340 E Main St, Norman.

Montgomery County Assessor's Office

Whether you need to register your vehicle or pay your taxes, you can visit the Montgomery County Assessor’s Office at 105 US 270, Mt. Ida. (870) 867-3271

Volunteer Fire Department

Located at 337 W Main Street, Norman. (870) 334-2332

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KPGC 95.1

KPGC 95.1 is a local radio station. The station provides a well-rounded mixture of Christian programs for both children and adults, including music, news, talk, dramatized stories and more. On the radio, online, and on Facebook.

Water, Sewer, and Trash

The City of Norman provides water, sewer. and trash services within the city limits. Located at City Hall, 448 Golf Course Rd, Norman. (870) 334-2400

Montgomery County Solid Waste Station in Norman

Also known as the town dump. Located at 536 Village Avenue, Norman. (870) 334-2233

Trash Service

Trash service is provided by the City of Norman. The fee is included with your water bill. Residential pick-up is on Tuesdays.

Internet Service

Local internet service is provided by Kinetic by Windstream. They currently offer around 200mps. Sign up online.

Cell Phone Service

Cell phone service is not consistent in this area; however, Verizon is the only carrier who has service in this area.

Weekly Norman News

Keep track of what’s happening in Norman and the surrounding area on their Facebook page. 


Norman school-age children attend the Caddo Hills School District. The elementary school serves Pre-K through 6th grade. The high school offers classes for college bound students as well as technology, vocational, and career based classes.


You can register online through the Caddo Hills website.


2268 Hwy 8 E

Norman AR 71960

(870) 356-3857

Local Government

City Hall

133 Golf Course Road

Norman AR 71960


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