City of Norman, AR

Eclipse 2024 Information

Plan Your Visit Carefully

ALL Public Property is Norman is CLOSED to camping, both daytime camps and overnight camping. A lot of city property is declared Historic Property and can not be disturbed. In addition, there are Native American burial grounds which shall not be disturbed. There is also an ordinance in place against disturbing the ground in the city limits.

Due to the small size of our town, there are not public facilities available which can accomodate the monumental number of visitors expected in our area. Please plan accordingly.

While we are happy to have you visit us, whether it be for the eclipse or just a weekened getaway, we encourage you to search for local short-term rentals, RV parks, designated camping areas, or nearby hotels. 

Local Accomodations

Local Government

City Hall

133 Golf Course Road

Norman AR 71960


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