Table of Contents

Resolutions 2020 - Present

Resolutions 2010 - 2019

Resolution 11072019

A Resolution Authorizing The Mayor And Fire Chief Of The City Of Norman To Apply For A USDA Grant to Purchase a Pump Truck To Be Used By The Norman

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Resolutions 2000 - 2009

Resolutions 1990 - 1999

Resolution 98-11-4

A Resolution Expressing And Requiring A Financial Statement And Agenda One Week Prior To All Council Meetings

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Resolutions 1980 - 1989

Resolutions 1970 - 1979

Resolution No 10

A Resolution Authorizing The Mayor And Treasurer/Recorder Of The City Of Norman, Arkansas To Make The Necessary Arrangements With The Bank Of Montgomery County, Mt. Ida, Arkansas To Borrow Approximately

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